The Building Self-Esteem

Celia Coburn

The consultancy Building Self-Esteem was established 28 years ago. As a pre-school teacher and principal for 37 years, it rapidly became evident to Celia Coburn that a holistic approach would be needed to develop strong, positive self-esteem in all South Africans. As a pioneer in this field in South Africa, she has had the opportunity to be involved with many exciting and creative challenges. [ Read more... ]

Gillian Beeton

Gillian Beeton is a Self-Esteem Facilitator and Life Coach. Her company Real Self is affiliated to the Building Self-Esteem Organisation. She works with corporates, individuals, educators, parents and learners in the area of self-development. Her pro bono work includes the facilitation of male and female offenders for the Johannesburg Correctional Services as a part of their rehabilitative programme. [ Read more... ]

Claire Liebenburg

Claire Liebenberg is a self-esteem facilitator and member of the South African Chapter of the International Council for Self-Esteem. After receiving her Honours degree in Clinical Psychology from UNISA, Claire then trained with and is affiliated to Building Self-Esteem. Claire is also a founding member of The Self-Esteem Network - an organisation dedicated to creating awareness of self-esteem, and an environment that communicates to people the message: "You matter." [ Read more... ]

Jenni Batchelor

Jenni Batchelor is a Self Esteem facilitator & lay counselor.

Having completed her B.Comm degree it was the Industrial Psychology major that steered her in the direction of Behavioural Studies and Emotional Health & Well-being.

Jenni had a successful career in export and finance, when in 2006 she attended a Self Esteem talk. It ignited in her, a desire to guide her two daughters in such a way that they would live a powerful life, with a voice. [ Read more... ]

Natalie Winslow

Natalie Winslow is an ambassador of building Self-esteem, this enables her to live an effective life.

Self-esteem became her passion some years ago. She had discovered that she cannot change the world and her small contribution was not going to move mountains, but it is her starting block. When enough people believe that their lives are important enough and that their values have merit, then they stand in unity and that speaks volumes. [ Read more... ]

Julia Kuhlmann

I studied a Fine Arts degree at UCT in the 1970’s and since then have been involved in the process of teaching in various disciplines; initially teaching art at tertiary institutions then at schools.

I also channel my creativity into painting and exhibiting my work that is still a satisfactory and necessary part of my world. However when my duties as a mother began to wane I realized that my inner journey needed new challenges and I became involved with Celia Coburn and her Building Self-Esteem company. [ Read more... ]

Mohammed Zubi

'The way we think about ourselves shapes our experiences and significantly influences our ability to perform, achieve success, feel content and interact with our world and the people in our lives in an authentic and meaningful way. Self-esteem coaching offers a new way of thinking and a practical path forward that encourages you to discover this authentic self and develop the necessary tools to unlocking the doors to your potential. [ Read more... ]

Margi Kopping

Margi Kopping trained at the Johannesburg College of Education and obtained a Teacher’s Training Diploma. She completed her BA degree, majoring in Psychology at UNISA. Margi has been involved in the field of education for many years, teaching Grade Two and Grade Three Junior Primary School children. Margi has written songs to help children learn Mathematics and Spelling, and teaches using the medium of music in the classroom. She has produced two educational CDs. [ Read more... ]

Nokubonga Mbanga

Nokubonga Mbanga is a founder of Self Insights (a personal development coaching & Training company). She has more than 10 years experience in talent management, having worked in the FMCG, Engineering & entertainment industries, this included local and international corporates. She has worked with employees across the different leadership levels. [ Read more... ]

Tanya Leonfellner

Tanya started off working as a pre-school teacher before following her heart and completing a 3 year National Diploma in Emergency Medical Care in her quest to become a Paramedic. Qualifying in 1999, Tanya saw full time operational duty as a paramedic for the next 6 years and was part of a 6 month overland tour through Europe and down Africa. She subsequently joined the corporate life in the financial field. Tanya’s own self-esteem journey began when she was referred to Celia Coburn after it became clear from her performance appraisal that she could benefit from the visit. [ Read more... ]

Sally Thorp

With a degree in Psychology and many years of experience in the Self-Esteem field, Sally Thorp is a qualified Self-Esteem Facilitator and director of Sally Thorp Coaching and Consulting (Pty) Ltd.

She presents talks, workshops and offers self-esteem facilitation to parents, children, teens and teachers and consults separately to the corporate sector.

She is author of the Self-Esteem chapter in Life Talk for Parents and is licensed to sell and facilitate several courses developed by her while at Life Talk. [ Read more... ]